LinkedIn App major privacy concern for girls

LinkedIn Privacy concerns

The LinkedIn app for your phone is major privacy concern for people – and I’m thinking mostly of my female friends. Please help me spread the word!


Sharing your #, AND first/last name, place of work

Picture this common scenario. You’re at a social gathering, and someone asks for your phone number. You don’t have a home landline number, only your cell.

You may think “I’m not sure I want to share my cell, but it’s it’s socially awkward to say ‘no’. If I have to, I can block this person, and that’s it.”

With the LinkedIn app, you share a lot more.

LinkedIn connects your cell number with your profile. When two LinkedIn members have each other’s cell number, they also have access to each other’s profile information. This includes first and last name, work location, work history, college attended, and anything else on a profile.

This is a LOT of information. This is why I feel the LinkedIn App major privacy concern for girls.

How I realized the potential for this problem existed

I exchanged names and numbers with a girl recently, and we haven’t talked since.

2 weeks ago, I visited the LinkedIn full web browser version. New connections from my phone were suggested.

I thought – “This girl looks familiar, but I don’t recognize her last name. And we don’t seem to have any common connections. And I’ve never met anyone at that work location. Who is this?”

It was the girl I had met from above. She never gave any of this information to me – LinkedIn did, by connecting her phone number with her profile.

How this could turn into a nightmare

I’m imagining a nightmare situation, where my female friends all give out their phone number to a guy on a Saturday evening. The guy starts being aggressive, and my girls block this guy’s number that night.

All day Sunday, this guy is getting more and more angry that no messages are returned. Sunday night, he learns where they work via LinkedIn, and shows up Monday morning with roses and waits for my girl friend to arrive. Noooo!!

Please spread the word

I don’t care if you share this post – but please advise girls to:

  • Uninstall the LinkedIn app from their phone
  • Only share a Google Voice number that is not connected with their profile
  • Do something else cool of which I’ve never heard.

In summary – be safe! I knew Facebook was a giant privacy concern, but not LinkedIn.


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