Bryce Canyon Hiking

Bryce Canyon Hiking

Bryce Canyon hiking is probably best done in the coolest temperatures of the day. It’s pretty warm even in early spring, and definitely dry enough to parch your (anything) in 45 minutes.

The Loops

These pictures are from the Queen’s Garden/Navajo/Peekaboo loop, maps found here, and more information here. These 3 hikes can be daisy-chained together into a nice loop, which took about 4 hours. The most strenuous part is getting into the valley – so the loops aren’t hard once you are on the floor of the hoodoos. The National Park Service literature says this is rated one of the best hiking on the planet. While I can’t find a source on that, this is definitely a memorable walk.

Middle Eastern Environment

While meandering on this Bryce Canyon hiking adventure, I’m reminded of pictures I’ve seen of the sandstone structures in the desert areas of Jordan, Egypt, Libya, etc. The arid climate and soft rock make for amazing structures. Without water, nothing grows. Without roots, the conditions for erosion are excellent. Without the crystalline structure or igneous or metamorphic rock to hold things up, the soft sandstone and other sedimentary features quickly leave some severe structures.

Lighting for sky pictures

Overall, the high clouds made lighting better for sky pictures than shadowy rock pictures. I hope these are still appealing, and represent the visual overload this area of the world provides.


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